Friday, 14 March 2008

Welcome and introduction.

Greetings. And welcome to our humble efforts.

This rather cleverly named blog (geddit? geddit?) is to bring you a small sample of the thoughts, imaginings and hard work being undertaken at the University of Sheffield, UK in the area of psychoanalytic and psychotherapy studies.

We'll be trying to bring you important announcements, our thoughts on developments in the field, and whatever free associations wander in and out of (un)concious. We'll see how it goes; we aim to please, so let us know what you like.

The 'we' includes those lecturers and research students here in our psychoanalytic and psychotherapy studies programmes here -- see our links on the right for more information. But we above all want to stimulate debate, reflections and re-evaluations, all in a friendly, informal way. Please let us know what you think.

By psychoanalytic and psychotherapy studies we mean specifically the application of psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic ideas to any range of ideas in the wider social, cultural, aesthetic spheres. We also focus on the analyses of psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic discourses themselves, their historical, ideological and contemporary contexts. We aren't planning to write often about issues of clinical concerns per se but it is inevitable -- and entirely desirable -- that the things we talk about here will have an impact on clinical practice and key debates.

So, enjoy!

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