Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Call For Papers

JEP - European Journal of Psychoanalysis, a semiannual journal (www.psychomedia.it/jep), is planning a future issue on the topic

We welcome papers from a psychoanalytic perspective, although we will consider contributions from other fields that can enlighten the topic. We can consider papers submitted in French, Italian or German, however, once accepted for publication, it will be the responsibility of the author to provide the text of the paper in English.
We are especially interested in receiving contributions on:
- End as ethics
- End as a limit, and End as an aim
- Death, death-drive, Eros & Thanatos
- Emergence of death issues during the analytic cure
- Limits, borders, "terms" (both as words and time limits)
- Eschatological end
All submitted papers will be peer reviewed.
JEP editors
Sergio Benvenuto
Cristiana Cimino
Antonello Correale

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